Own are a rapidly growing Fintech company specialising in tokenising technology for financial services. They utilise their own unique dual blockchain in order to create an infrastructure robust enough to balance the public and private data regulations required by the worlds major financial markets. Since their conception in mid-2017 they have undergone a meteoric rise to become one of the worlds leading blockchain businesses, as evidenced by their Token becoming one of the Top 100 by market capitalisation.


Proven were approached by Own (then known as Chainium) in late 2017 to become their outsourced marketing partner. We were tasked to comprehensively support them through their fundraising and Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

During this process we:

  • Evolved their then Chainium brand to make it more appealing to potential investors.

  • Developed a comprehensive messaging framework in order to sell the companies vision. Designed their social media and community engagement strategy.

  • Formulated successful promotional activities which bi-passed the expensive off the shelf crypto marketing packages and ‘influencer’ lead promotion which was dominant in the market at the time.

  • Supported their attendance at global events with the creation of a full suite of collateral.

  • Developed their ICO website, which created a standout presence for the project online.

  • Created promotional video, getting the message across.

Experiential marketing ensured the client got noticed over and above projects with greater event budgets .

Photo:  We Are Developers, Vienna.


In order for the business to effectively appeal to it's target markets, the brand had to evolve. Chainium was too limiting a name for the business. It was too blockchain-centric. It was too same-same. It was too small a name for business with global ambitions and did not instantly convey what they offer.   


Everything about the new Own brand was conceived to be big, bold and ambitious just like the company. The name, the logo, the graphic elements, the typography and the brand's visual language. Importantly however the brand had to stand up to and stand out from other modern Fintech companies.


We worked with Own to take the business to market and get it noticed in within the ever-burgeoning Fintech industry.

  • Running and managing successful brand awareness campaigns.
  • Relaunching the Corporate website.
  • Creation of Business Development Resources. 
  • PR & Press Management.
  • Promotional and Product Videos.
  • Creating Version 1.0 of their trading platform.


Over $9,000,000 raised via ICO.

Breaking into the top 100 tokens via market capitalisation within 6 months.

60,000 community members across all platforms.

300,000 + views of promotional videos.

To name but a few...


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