Based in the City of London, ShadowFall is Europe's only short-focused hedge fund and they have forged an enviable reputation within the global investment industry. This reputation primarily stems from their highly successful proprietary research into aggressive corporate accounting, flawed business models and unethical practices within listed companies to drive their investment decisions.



ShadowFall has been making big waves in the investment industry and developed a reputation for being at the forefront of their market and an organisation whose opinions should be noted. They approached us to create them a brand which encapsulated their business and helped them visually stand out in the world of short focused hedge funds. 


A robust online infrastructure  

The business has experienced strong client growth and wanted us to create them a professional and secure account infrastructure to best support their research and investment clients, one suitable for a modern investment firm.


Overall the project had four core elements which needed to marry seamlessly together to both articulate the business and create a robust online infrastructure which offers a superb user experience:

  1. Brand - the creation of an edgy yet professional brand, one which would garner attention but one which can work well when creating digital user experiences.
  2. Website - develop a striking website which articulates the company’s proposition.
  3. Research Portal - Create a secure portal to facilitate the distribution of the company’s research reports to their research clients.
  4. Investor Portal - A secure and intuitive portal to help investors manage their investments.


We love it when a client has a vision and we can help them bring it to life, in this case, the team at ShadowFall wanted a brand which was steeped in the Film Noir style. Why? Because much of their work is investigatory and the most iconic of detectives were portrayed in the 40s and 50s Film Noir style.

Our challenge was to create a brand in this tradition, yet at the same time with a feel of the contemporary, one which stands up in the investment industry and one which feels competent to investors.

Our solution was to create subtle differences in brand application between the Research and Investment parts of the business. Research has a slightly more playful application with a sense of seeking and movement within the stylised imagery used. Investment is perhaps more serious in its application and focuses on the uniqueness of the business as Europe’s only short-focused hedge fund by utilising images of where the business is located. The styles are brought together with the colour palette and image treatments.



The new brand identity highlights the brands efficiency and knowledge with an edgy, sophisticated design that stands out within their industry. The redevelopment was well received and had both our team and the client very excited with the outcome.

Since developing their brand, we have worked with them to create their website. ShadowFall asked for two websites to be launched focusing on the two aspects of their business and we were happy to oblige. The websites had to stay true to the brand and offer a variety of features while maintaining their differences.

The entire team has thoroughly enjoyed working on this project and applying it to a variety of media both print and digital and ensuring the same sophisticated and timeless implementation.

We continue an exciting work relationship with ShadowFall, supporting them with a wide range of print and digital collateral and supporting them with their website.


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