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Blockchain Week London - lessons on marketing Blockchain

February 22, 2018

Blockchain technology is transforming the world we live in and whether you noticed it or not we are living through a technological revolution; a period of change akin to the internet revolution of the 90s.

If you don’t know much about blockchain tech, watch what Mike Schwartz has to say about it. 


Here at Proven we are in the vanguard of this change, doing what few marketing agencies have done before, by providing comprehensive marketing support to a leading blockchain start up.

Chanium London

We recently attended Blockchain Week in London with our client, helping them promote their forthcoming ICO. It was a truly an inspirational event with some amazing exhibitors applying this technology in some exciting and novel ways.

As marketers we were keen to talk to the entrepreneurs at this event, to learn about their experiences with marketing in this new arena. Interestingly we heard similar stories as we went around the event:

It's hard to stand out

With hundreds of of ICOs launching month after month its hard to make the best ideas stand out.

It's hard work

With the success of an ICO relying on community engagement via channels such as Telegram. It's hard for teams to be attentive to their community and develop their proposition at the same time.

It's expensive

There are a plethora of options when it comes to promoting an ICO. All cost money and its hard to identify those which offer real value.

It's frenetic

Marketing up to ICO needs to be fast and energetic, but teams often find it wild and uncontrollable.

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