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From Pay Per Click to Display, video and sponsored posts, re-marketing and email, there are a growing number options.

September 15, 2017

From Pay Per Click to Display, video and sponsored posts, remarketing and email, there are a growing number of affordable and attractive options for businesses to promote themselves online. Digital advertising reaches across platforms and devices and if managed correctly, it can drive leads, conversions and sales.

Analytics and measurement tools enable advertisers to gain greater insight into their advertising effectiveness than could ever be achieved by traditional methods.

Exciting new systems such as programmatic buying and ad serving when combined with new developments in blockchain technology should deliver even greater transparency for advertisers.

Despite all this potential and the significant investment in ad serving platforms by companies such as Google and Facebook there are still many barriers to entry. Lack of knowledge, fear, previous bad experiences, media reporting on recent issues with programmatic platforms and preconceived budgetary restraints have all combined to create scepticism by many in the SME space.

With clear intent and good management digital advertising can be a very effective tool in the marketing arsenal but like anything else, if it is poorly executed it will never deliver the results you need.

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Ross Chesterfield

A motivated creative marketer, who has extensive experience working within the financial services industry for some the UK’s leading pension, advisory and investor service businesses.

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