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Advertising on social media has many benefits outside search or keyword driven PPC. Paid social media campaigns provide access to unique target audiences based on a range of demographics, interests or locations.

The difference between social and search campaigns

Social media advertising has a lot more in common with Google’s Display network than it’s adwords or search platforms. For search advertising it is important to think in terms of keywords and buying triggers, for social and display it is all about engaging content and identifying a need. Content on social media is key and the format for your ad needs to be well considered. Both Video and image ads have pride of place here (although on Linkedin as a rare exception at the time of writing they are yet to support video).

Paid Social campaigns should be well planned and considered as part of a wider digital strategy. At Proven we put our money where our mouth is, we run paid social campaigns for ourselves as well as clients. Even being based in Exeter is no restriction, we have experience managing global social campaigns and work with clients in diverse locations.

When it’s Proven it works.

If you want to learn more about the potential to reach new markets with targeted paid social advertising, call or email Proven for a no obligation conversation.