4 Free Mobile Only Tools to Create Social Media on the go

Published: 10/03/2020 by Kayleigh Walter

Social Media users continue to increase year on year so what better way to advertise than to an audience who spend on average over 2 hours a day scrolling through social media.

There are several ways in which you can generate social media content on your desktops such as Photoshop and Illustrator but if you like to be able to design as and when the opportunity arises you can use mobile applications to be able to create professional social content anywhere.

Here are my 4 favourite Mobile Apps that I use on a daily basis to create social media content on the go. You can use the apps as they are or use them in conjunction with each other to create professional and appealing content. All of these Apps are free to download though some do have In-App purchases, none of which I have purchased myself. 

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark is slowly becoming my favourite mobile App and as it’s still relatively new, it continues to be updated with new features. This app allows you to take one of their many templates and edit every aspect of it to create graphics that suit your Social Media persona. There are animation features within the app that allows you to animate text and imagery. The current pre-sets are rather basic, however, that part of the app is still developing.

Another fantastic thing about this app is that it allows you to create designs to pre-set sizes such as Twitter, Instagram portrait and landscape, Facebook banners and it will rejig your chosen template to fit your specified size. This application does have a watermark but all you have to do is click on the watermark and click through and it will be removed.

PS Express

This is basically a light version of Adobe Photoshop that you can use easily on a mobile or tablet. The app allows you to manually adjust all aspects of the image and has a wide range of pre-set filters such as black and white or pop colour that you can choose from and apply. 

I tend to use this as my first stop to edit my images to get the right colour and contrast I need for my social media post, apply a filter or whatnot and then I tend to use one of the others app’s to turn my image into a full piece of creative.


Snapseed is the newest application I’ve stumbled upon after seeing some really great imagery on Twitter. This is solely a photo-editing app so it allows you to add a variety of editable filters but you can’t add text or animation within this app. There are a handful of filters and edits available to you upon opening the app and they are brilliant. From selective black and white to selective blur, the possibilities are endless and the end result is visually stunning.

Photoshop Mix

Photoshop Mix allows you to add multiple layers, including images and text to create multi-layered pieces of design. The interface is incredibly simple and easy to navigate your way through. It really is a case of clicking the tool you want to use and then swiping to flick between the options available.

This app is really handy if you want to add text or watermarks to your images before posting online. You can place PNG logo files to apply your business logo to any designs created within the app simply and there are no app logo’s to worry about.

So there you have my top 4 mobile apps to help you create social media content on your phone. Hopefully, you’ll give them a try and enjoy using them as much as I do. If there are any other apps that you think I should have a look at, please let me know, I love putting new software to the test!