We assume you have heard of Securitas, they're pretty big, in fact they have over 300,000 employees in 53 countries. Securitas UK which falls under the Security Services Europe business segment approached Proven to help provide some unique marketing strategy and direction for several of their offerings.

With a view to completely refreshing how Securitas communicates their offering, the UK division of Securitas needed to deliver print and digital interactive brochures for each department under their umbrella. These were to be a 4-page document that highlights the benefit of each service they provided to be presented in a way that was on-brand, visually attractive and relevant.


Our aim was to consider and create a number of visually exciting interactive brochures that would provide both clients, staff and potential customers with all the necessary and relevant information in an engaging, informative way.


The interactive PDFs would allow each head of the team to personalise their brochure before sending it out, this level of personalisation meant the customer would have a direct point of contact rather than having to wait on the line.


Interactive and informative with useful content in an easy to understand format.  We considered the message, the intent and wrapped it all up in a series of engaging brochures. The secure and interactive elements also allow for easier integration and sharing of data within the Securitas platform.

We continue an exciting relationship with Securitas, supporting them with strategy and the creation of visually effective collateral which benefits their wider business.  Proven have made it easier to share relevant information with their current customer's and potential customers to ensure a very clean and valuable understanding of each product they offer.


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