4 Ways to Utilise Instagram for Your Business

Published: 05/03/2020 by Kayleigh Walter

Did you know that Instagram currently has 800 million users and 500 million of those users are active every day? This is why it's important to know how to use an Instagram account to ensure it is an asset to your business instead of simply just a waste of time and we have a few tips to help you do just that.

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Perfect Profile

You’ve only got one image available on your Instagram profile so it makes sense for your profile picture to be your logo, it’s important to make sure it fits. You’ve only 150 characters for your bio so use them wisely! Who are you and what do you offer? What makes you different.


Hashtags are the way we communicate on Instagram, people can now search and follow hashtags making it more important than ever to tag your pages accordingly. Every post you share should include business hashtags as well as general hashtags relevant to your product/service/post.

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Instagram is a mobile app, sure you can access it on your desktop, but it is designed for your mobile which is easy and accessible. This means your content needs to be relevant and engaging for the platform but also not too heavy and overwhelming. It's important to remember not to overdo it on the self-promotional front, only 10% of your marketing content should be self-promotion.

Instagram TV/Stories

Since the days of Snapchat, disappearing stories and images seem to be taking centre stage. From small little tidbits of information to fun behind the scenes video, never underestimate the power of video.

Hopefully, these snippets will help you take full advantage of Instagram and use it to its full potential to gain business traction.