Ridiculous Work Rules That Are Still in Place Today

Published: 17/09/2020 by Kayleigh Walter


April Fools was last week but there are still several rules enforced that you'd think are a joke.

A huge percentage of the population spends most of their time in an office, sitting behind a desk. Spending between 8 and 10 hours in a stuffy room, staring at a computer will take its toll eventually. That’s why the majority of companies do what they can to create a nice, open working environment with little personal touches that make the 9 hours you spend at work as comfortable and as motivating as possible.

Large open spaces with tall windows letting in natural light and a fully equipped kitchen with the offering free snacks are just a handful of the ways businesses are really starting to consider their colleagues and do what they can to create a welcoming work environment.

Of course this benefits the colleagues but in the long run, it will also benefit the business, the happier your colleagues are to be at work, the more they’ll be willing to put in. That being said there is still a high percentage of people who have to spend their hours working, abiding by ridiculous rules.

We’ve rounded up some of the most ridiculous ones we could find.

  • No food or drink at your desk.
    Being unable to drink at your desk is completely unjust. You would hope that with a rule like this in place the colleagues are entitled to more breaks.

  • Pay docked for being a few minutes late.
    This is common across a number of sectors and is to ensure their colleagues are on time and work the others they’re hired for but still, we are all adults.‚Äč

  • Time limits when using the bathroom.
    How can any adult be given a specific allotted amount of time to go to the bathroom!? Some days it just takes longer than others.

  • No talking to colleagues unless in the break room.
    This sounds like it would make a horrendous working environment - the days pass by a lot quicker and can be even more productive when you can have open communication and ask for opinions.

  • Not allowed to have a beard.
    Honestly not sure how rules like this are still in place in regards to office jobs. Unless it’s offensive, who the f cares?

  • No pictures, plants or anything personal on your desk.
    Do people not realise that personalising your desk with your favourite mug or plant makes for a much better working day for all and to could make your colleagues feel more at home at work, potentially leading to longer working days?

  • No drinking tea while working.
    Is this tea specifically or does it include coffee as well? Either way, it’s just damn ridiculous.

  • No smoking in your own car on your way to work.
    Ummm, what?

  • In some offices, it’s still mandatory for women to wear high heels.
    It’s the 21st century, this should be completely unacceptable.

  • Not allowed to relocate or move your furniture without consent.
    I am currently sat on the sofa in our break room writing this article with my laptop balanced on my lap - does this mean I’m fired?

  • Not allowed to turn off any electronic equipment including your computer and monitor.
    Having rules that say you’re not allowed to turn off your own computer is insane, do you have to leave it on overnight or get special permission to turn it off at the end of the day?

  • Some companies require their employees to write an email explaining why they won’t be at their desk, even if it’s for a 20-minute tea break.
    This is just people management - why the need to treat your colleagues like slaves?

  • You’re not allowed to adjust the height of your own desk chair.
    So if you’re too short and can’t sit at your desk comfortably. What, you’re just supposed to stretch? Surely in the long run, when you take into consideration potential back injuries, it’s worth adjusting the bloody chair?

‍Maybe I’m just lucky to work in an office that allows you to have tea and biscuits at your desk, one that doesn’t require you get permission to move your lamp from one side of your desk to the other and allows you to have plants and picture frames on display? Who knows.

Some of these above rules are absolutely batshit crazy and I think it's insane that some people still have to follow such strict rules. It’s the 21st century - as long as you’re not offending anyone, what’s the problem?




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