Let's Talk About Proven

Published: 05/03/2020 by Ross Chesterfield

We launched Proven with a simple vision, a vision which we hope our name conveys.  We offer our clients a fully integrated marketing and creative service of the highest quality, but our values differ significantly from other agencies.

All too often Marketing agencies look at their clients as an opportunity to experiment, the chance to try the radical and ‘unproven’. What other sectors would do this? This approach is great for the agency as they get to play, experiment and indulge their creativity (which we all love to do), but where does this leave the client?  Does this deliver something which will actually achieve what the client wants (or needs in tough times)? It might and if it does great, but what if it doesn’t, what if the risk doesn’t work? The client does not get the results they want or even worse need, but the Agency ends up with a wonderful case study for their website.

Marketing is not about ‘showing off’, like the disciplines of science and engineering, it can be applied precisely and tactically in order to achieve a defined goal. Innovation and vision are important, but when results matter (which they always do) agencies have a duty to deliver what’s proven to be effective for their clients.

What about innovation and creativity? They both have a pivotal place in our industry and always will here at Proven. However, agencies should know their industry, study what is new and effective and deploy these developments appropriately for their clients. Experimentation is great and central to innovation, but agencies should experiment at their own expense and not their clients.